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Ensuring your business's data, is no one else’s business.

ICONZ’s security products apply several layers of protection around our cloud infrastructure. These products offer a comprehensive, modular approach to security.

The services are categorized into three layers of protection:

Border Security

Endpoint Security

Data Security

Border Security – ICONZ Firewall Shared / Dedicated

Our firewall products enclose our infrastructure in a secure perimeter. It’s a set of managed services that safeguards our network. This provides a fully redundant, enterprise-grade firewall cluster  without the cost and complexity usually associated with such systems.

ICONZ Firewall offers: 

  • Servers protected behind an ICSA certified firewall.
  • 24/7 firewall monitoring and management. 
  • Defined escalation procedures. 
  • Regular firewall software updates. 
  • Appropriate firewall policies to meet your needs. 
  • Access control and protection from malicious attacks. 
  • IP-Sec Branch office and remote user VPN. 
  • Intrusion prevention system.

Endpoint Security – ICONZ Secure Server / Desktop / Email

Our endpoint products protect your virtual servers in our cloud. They minimise security risks leading to data loss, without adversely impacting endpoint resources. Secure applications and virtual  machines use adaptive trust zones. This isolates applications with different trust levels, and  quarantines any virtual machines that may be compromised.

Endpoint security offers:

  • Continually assess and repair identified issues across virtual and physical infrastructure.
  • Host firewall and IPS.
  • Anti-malware / anti-virus / Trojan / SPAM protection.
  • System integrity monitoring.
  • Log inspection.
  • Security audit.

Data Security

Data protection secures your data, whether at rest or being transmitted over a network. The premier technology of choice for data protection is encryption.

Our in-built data security measures include:

  • SSL.
  • Endpoint encryption.
  • Data leak protection / prevention.



Our auditing service gives a comprehensive, systematic and professional evaluation of your IT environment. You’ll gain insight in to what’s working, what’s near capacity or end-of-life,  and what needs remedial action. It arms you with the right information to make strategic planning  decisions.

Your ICONZ Audit includes:

  • A ‘best practice’ plan of action to address all issues. Costings are included to aid budgeting.
  • A System Network Diagram, with Mail-Flow and Back-Up flow. Key system elements are identified, as well as opportunities for improvement.

  • A verbal presentation of the report, with a two-way discussion.

ICONZ Pen Test


We can perform a penetration test (pen test) to strengthen your network’s security significantly. ICONZ Pen Test compliments your in-house security measures, or can be provided as a  fully outsourced capability. Our experienced, global pentest team is meticulous at hacking into  hosting infrastructure, mobile and web applications. We often find vulnerabilities other security services miss.

ICONZ Pen Test includes:

  • A threat assessment to understand potential threat sources.
  • Customised Testing Tools
  • Commercial Testing Tools
  • Web Application Testing
  • API Testing
  • Penetration test with identified scenarios
  • Report Documentation
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