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Pay Only for the Computing Power You Use.

Cloud computing is on-demand computing. You only pay for the processing, memory and storage actually used. Adopting to ICONZ's cloud creates a more agile business. You can then adapt faster to changing market conditions and your customers’ needs.

ICONZ's cloud is a smarter way to purchase computing capacity. It is:


Monitored and supported 24/7

Underwritten by SLAs

Run by experts, with the resources of a dedicated cloud provider

Local, with links throughout Asia Pacific


We Offer Different Types of Cloud Packages for Your Business

Small Cloud

Small Cloud is designed for most companies with 9 seats or less. Based on a single core CPU, Small Cloud servers are typically used for:

  • Hosting a Microsoft Exchange / email server
  • Hosting a single Active Directory
  • Hosting a File & Print server
  • Webmail and Blackberry email access, together with anti-virus / anti-spam software

All Cloud

All Cloud is ideal for most small-medium businesses, with 10-19 seats. It features a dual core CPU, that is typically used for:

  • Performing the same functions as a Small Cloud, with added complexity
  • Managing small databases, with low transactional frequency
  • Webhosting of static and simple dynamic sites
  • HR and CRM applications

Extra Cloud

Extra Cloud caters to most medium businesses with 20-39 seats. It features a quad core CPU that can be applied to:

  • Performing the same functions as an All Cloud, with added complexity
  • Managing databases with high transactional volumes
  • Webhosting of dynamic sites, with high traffic
  • Handling business critical applications

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud describes the mixed usage of client's on-premise hardware, public or private clouds. This is the most common cloud adoption model, as organisations migrate to the cloud for different aspects of their computing. This is ideal when:

  • Clients are trialing the cloud
  • Client require computing for burst usage only
  • Existing hardware hasn't yet reached end-of-life

My Cloud

My Cloud is built for larger organisations - typically with 40+ seats. It features 16+ core CPUs, in an exclusive, dedicated cloud environment. This is ideal:

  • Where IT infrastructure control and customisation is vital
  • When you need to dynamically allocate compute, RAM memory and storage as required
  • For large server consolidations
  • For business continuity projects (e.g. cloning, clustering)

Our consultant can discuss which option best suits your business. For more details on the packages,

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