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As organisations migrate to cloud environments, backup and replication can be done virtually. Hence you can now easily avoid the costs associated with lost data or unforeseen downtime.


Backups reduce losses from missing or corrupted data.

Whether your data’s in the cloud, co-located or on premise – you need a backup solution that can cope. With ICONZ's solutions in place, you can refer to a specific point in history and restore corrupted files accordingly. Our backup service removes the need to constantly buy backup infrastructure, and reduces your administrative costs. It features proactive, remote administration and monitoring. Utilising our solution will minimize data loss since the latest backup. You can then focus on strategic projects, confident that fast, reliable data recovery is assured.

We offer 3 backup solutions designed for modern data centre environments:

  1. ICONZ BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) – designed to backup on-premise and co-located data. Configuration and updates are done by us.
  2. ICONZ Remote Backup – we provide the backup destination, for on-premise and co-located data. Configuration and updates done by your team.
  3. ICONZ V-Backup – we backup your data, residing on ICONZ’s cloud.


All solutions feature:

  • Fully automated offsite data protection
  • Continuous backup
  • Built-in de-duplication
  • Open file and database protection
  • Rapid backup and reliable recovery
  • Scalability


  • Custom designed schedule and file selection
  • Scheduled back up
  • Scheduled restores
  • Reports
  • Add a new server

Compatible operating systems and platforms include:

  • Linux® operating system
  • Microsoft® server platform


Replication reduces losses from downtime.

Replication runs two (or more) computing resources in parallel. Data is shared constantly between two sites. Used for mission critical environments, when resources fail at one site, replicated computing assets take over seamlessly. This ensures your organisation isn’t impacted by any costly interruptions. You employ a replication solution when it’s less costly than the possible downtime faced.

With ICONZ V-Replication, this can now be undertaken by virtual machines. It dramatically improves Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives. As it is virtual, it helps meet your stringent budget constraints and minimizes any organisational impact.

Replication is no longer a luxury. ICONZ's 2-in-1 virtual backup and replication service maintains a copy of your VM in a ready-to-start state. So if a VM goes down, you can immediately fail over to a standby VM.

With ICONZ V-Replication, you can:

  • Enhance business continuity with near-continuous data protection (near-CDP) for any virtualized application
  • Maintain image-based, offsite replicas for disaster recovery
  • Simplify failover and failback with delta synchronization and automated IP re-addressing 
  • RTO of less than an hour
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