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As data consumption grows exponentially, this fuels demand for increased storage. Management of all this data becomes a challenge. ICONZ Archive is designed to meet your long term storage needs. It's a managed service which covers all setup, hosting and bandwidth costs. It provides cloud-based storage at a set monthly $/GB charge.

If your company:

  • Has recognised the growing cost of storage
  • Looked into reducing the cost and complexity of tape
  • Are looking to scale their business on demand
  • Wants to protect large company data sets
  • Have large data sets e.g. large image databases

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What exactly is ICONZ Archive?

ICONZ Archive is a cloud based managed storage solution for archiving business data. Unlike physical storage, which requires capacity planning and large up-front investment, ICONZ Archive offers pay-as-you-go pricing, with all data transit costs included.

Our approach has unlimited scalability. This allows you to pay for the data and capacity used at the storage tier selected; all at a predictable known cost.

How does ICONZ Archive work?

ICONZ Archive is delivered as an ‘on premise’ virtual machine that presents cloud storage as local storage. Our archive presents an iSCSI volume to your infrastructure, allowing data to be copied directly to this volume. Once the data has been copied over, a portion of the frequently accessed data is cached locally for fast response access. The balanced is stored in the Cloud. Traffic to and from ICONZ's cloud is managed and encrypted via SSL. All data at rest in the archive vault is encrypted using AES-256 at all times.

ICONZ customers store their primary data in our archive, while retaining their frequently accessed data locally. Gateway-cached volumes provide substantial cost savings on primary storage, minimises the need to scale storage on-premises and retains low-latency access to frequently accessed data.

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